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WWE Wrestlemania


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Main Attractions:

  • Player-selectable WWE Superstars at the beginning of the game
  • Upper mini-playfield featuring a wrestling ring
  • Flipper button-activated “Slammer” kickers embedded in the in-the-ring ropes
  • Custom speech from WWE commentators Michael Cole and Jerry “The King” Lawler
  • Licensed songs, including iconic wrestling entrance music

Game Features:

  • Match start feature initiated at the drop target bank
  • Three-bank drop target set spelling out “WWE”
  • “Money in the Bank” entry with a “Ladder” skill shot
  • Random kick-out hole that pins the opponent
  • Mini-orbit under the wrestling ring, lighting up the “Extra Ball” shot
  • “Ball Save” features on both outlanes
  • Left-to-right upper-level orbit shot control gate
  • Two stainless steel main ramps
  • One plastic entry ramp
  • Three wire form return ramps
  • Five rollover lane skillshot ring entries
  • Two standard flippers
  • Three pop bumpers


  • LED general illumination in white
  • Five full-spectrum smooth RGB LED playfield arrow inserts

Backglass and Art:

  • Exclusive Pro Wrestlemania translite
  • Wrestlemania Pro high-definition decal cabinet artwork
  • Wrestlemania-themed speaker display panel decal
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This particular game is exceptionally rare to find, especially in such pristine condition. Our team of licensed Stern technicians has meticulously fine-tuned every aspect of the game, conducting a thorough examination from head to toe. As a result, it plays with remarkable speed and strength, ensuring an optimal and exhilarating gaming experience.