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Transformers Limited Edition # 313 Of 500 Full Color Display


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Only 500 Made Worldwide! Believed to be less than half remaining in the USA , This is a rare machine in good shape and a incredibly great price for a limited Edition. Just traded back in by our customer , dont miss it!

So Much To Love about this one Plus we added a full color DMD Score Display so no more boring Orange Screen! ($500 Value Alone)

Transformers LIMITED EDITION Features:

• “Megatron Robot Form” rapid fire multiball cannon with “Cyber” ball lock.

• “Ironhide” Transformer with “Chromium Cyber Sphere” player-controlled upper playfield.

• “Starscream Strike” rotating action figure target.

• “Cybertron Zenith and Nadir” orbit shots via second electronically-controlled gate.

• “All Spark Cube” eject hole.

• “Megatron Cyber Lock Guard” drop target.

• “Quake Maker” shaker motor.

• Elevating ramp to hit “Optimus Prime” target.

• “Bumblebee Captive” Camaro target – captive ball accelerates car into target.

• Color transparent windows in ball guides.

• Color transparent illuminated bottom arch.

• Traditional lock down bar, slides, brackets.

• “Full Spectrum Color Chroma” LED general illumination and control lamps.

• “Ironhide” metal ramp.

• Unique backglass art.

• Game Designer George Gomez’ signature (#1-35).

• 1-500 Numbered plaque and certificate of authenticity.

• “Decepticon Violet” side armor legs, hinge (left side).

• “Autobot Crimson” side armor legs, hinge (right side).

• “TF” color split hand protector in “Decepticon Violet / Autobot Crimson”.

• Unique “LE Vector Sigma Data Track” QR codes.

• Authenticating Stern Pinball Inc. Official Product Hologram.