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  • CONSTRUCTED WITH A CLASSIC TOUCH – This football game table features a wooden finish and maple design which showcases its classic look and blends with your furniture. Also, it has patented game parts and a Cross-Hatch Toe, a unique foot design for miniature football players that offers precise ball control and active gameplay. Assembled Dimensions: 56in L x 30in W x 36in H inches; Cabinet: 1.5 inches / Weight: 225 pounds
  • FEATURES A QUALITY AMERICAN BUILT MAKEUP – The 0.75-inch foosball playing field features an amazing graphics which helps enhance your shot accuracy for intense play. Plus, this table includes a 3-goalie design, a patented split bearings and urethane texture for effortless maintenance and improved ball control.
  • EQUIPPED WITH PROFESSIONAL-GRADE RODS – Rods are made with hollow core for lighter and smoother feel. Also, this table includes split bearings which help you slide the rods easily. The natural wood handles are designed with an octagonal shape for better gripping. Track whos on top with the abacus style scoring unit that is present on both ends.