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Sega Golden Eye 007 Pinball


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The original Sega James Bond!! This is such a fun and great classic and Upgraded with Full Color LED Lighting and a full color Screen. Absolutely amazing condition  – See the pictures and judge for yourself , minor signs of wear and minimal use is clear.

We rarely get this title as it is not a super common game to find!


  “Be warned, after playing this game you may develop an uncanny desire for a Brioni tuxedo and a martini… Shaken, not stirred.”

Game Play:

There are 5 modes which can be started at the Mode Start Lane.

  • The magnet save gives you a short reprieve from death!
  • You’ve got to hit the Eject or Die target before the timer runs out to continue play! Remember, a license to kill is also a license to die!
  • A ball capturing satellite is scanning the playfield for your pinball. Enter its range and watch your pinball get drawn in! Hit the disappearing ramp before it drops back into the playfield and leaves you with no escape!


  • Tank
  • Helicopter
  • Moving Satellite radar dish that catches ball , Amazing!


  • Fred Young did voice characterizations on this game.