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8 Foot K66 Rubber Cushions (TPK668)


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Recovering pool tables can be a tricky endeavor since it seems like every table is a little different. One of the more confusing parts of this process is selecting the correct rail cushions for your table as they are available in several different profile shapes. Selecting the correct rail is important so that you can be sure the balls strike the rail at the proper point, depending on your desired or ruled height.

In general, the K66 profile is the most common for home and commercial 3 piece slate tables. K55 rails are more often used on carom tables and most coin-op tables and the U23 rails are also used for some home and commercial tables as well. To determine exactly which rails your table requires you can measure the back side of the cushion where it is glued onto the table which we referred to as the “Dimensional Height”. You will also want to measure the top side of the rail called the “Angle Width”. Compare these measurements to the rail profile dimensions to figure out which set your table requires. Always measure twice and a third time just in case! The 100% best way to match up a cushion is to remove the current cushions from your table and cut a piece off. That way you can take that piece to someone local or send it in to us and we can match it up for you.

This set of six pool table cushions feature a K-66 profile and come with enough cushion to finish a standard 8-foot pool table. The K66 profile is the industry standard and is the only cushion profile approved by the Billiards Congress of America. Cushions are not sold individually.

For installation, please make sure to adhere the cushion to the rail with the notched side against the rail. The top canvass part of the cushion should be facing up from the table. This will help the cloth make a snug fit when covering the whole rail. If you have any questions or issues when changing or covering rails, please feel free to give us a call