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Queen Rhapsody Edition – Upgraded


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Queen Pinball Machine – Rhapsody Edition – Limited to 1000 Units World Wide

Believed there is less than 300 In The USA


We are proud to offer this impossible to find title with all the upgrades that no others have!

Upgrade 1  : Light up Interactive Pinball Topper

Upgrade 2  Convulex Plastic Protectors to prevent plastics from breaking and THEY LIGHT UP for an awesome effect

Upgrade #3 Pinball Refinery Custom Powder Coated Coin Door with Gold Sparkle

Also includes the shaker motor and upgraded sound system!

Lit inner side blades


Lit backboard


Shaker Motor


Golden artwork


Sparkling shooter rod


Powder coated golden metal trim armor

Full Art Apron- Razorback Electronic System

– Full RGB LED Lighting System-

Lit Slingshot Star Posts

– Side Armor with Flipper Button protection

– 18.5“ LCD Screen

– Stereo HiFidelity Sound System- 8“ bass speaker- Shaker Motor Connector

This machine is very limited and very hard to get , don’t hesitate on this one because when its gone its gone!

Numbered plaque & certificate of authenticity


Main Attractions

– Play The Game: 14 Queen Live Songs


Special Game Features

– Red Special Upper Playfield with Full Size Flipper

– Wembley Stadium Toy with Ball Catching Magnet

– One Vision Hand-drawn Art Package- Break Free Kickback shoots into Orbit


Ramps & Toys

– Fully lit radio replica- Red Special Physical Ball Lock

– Wembley Stadium Physical Ball Lock- 4+3 Bank Piano Drop & Stand-Up Targets- 2 Metal Ramps to Wembley with 3 possible Exits

– Jukebox Vertical Up Kicker- Magic Saucer- 3 Gate Drop Targets- 1 Bicycle Ride Spinner- 4 Bass Stand-Up Targets