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Pac-Man FULL SIZE Multi-Game Plays 412 Classic Games


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Brand new Pac-Man arcade machine featuring 412 games in 1 unit!!  With 100 % licensed artwork not inkjet home-printed washed-out colors like the others. The game features our exclusive 2-year warranty and all Made By Hand In American including parts and craftsmanship, there is not a more authentic or better-made machine in the world!  Also plays much more than just Pac-Man. We can also add a trackball for authentic play on games such as Centipede & Millipede Etc although this is not required to play the games!

Our exclusive Pac-Man machines are hand-made in the USA by our own woodworkers and are authentic replicas down to each screw! ! Features Commercial quality working coin doors to be set to coin or free your choice as well as commercial quality buttons and joystick as well as the monitor and full size 6×9 speakers! This machine can also be fully customized to turn off any of the games listed below individually so you can customize to your own taste! SEE PHOTOS FOR COMPLETE GAME LIST!


H 71.5″

W 35″

D 36″

250 LBS