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McDermott MCDC22 Sport Case


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You know that McDermott makes great cues, but did you know they make great cases as well? The MCDC22 is designed to securely hold 2 butts and 2 shafts and comes with all kinds of great features. It has an ergonomic handle, adjustable sling-style back strap, and comes with two spacious accessory pockets. This case is constructed from durable woven nylon and features McDermott’s signature kelly green branding and shamrock logo.


McDermott Billiards Accessories
Color: Black smooth and textured vinyl case with green trim. Silver McDermott logo plate
Shape: Oval
Material: Smooth and textured vinyl
Pockets: Large and small pockets, big pocket is 17″ and can fit a jump butt
Length: 34″ total length, holds up to 32″ shaft
Structure Tubes
Lining: Felt lined tubes
Direction of Shaft: Inserts tip down
Direction of Butt: Inserts pin up


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