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Eight Ball Mafia EBMSCE 4×8 Soft Case


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  • Your cues should always be kept safe during your travels and this Eight Ball Mafia soft case has just the protection to carry out that important task! This 4 butt and 8 shaft soft case opens butterfly style with an enormous pocket that features several smaller compartments. Perfect for your tip tools, gloves and chalk!

    This case does not have a top carrying handle but does come with a shoulder strap. So whether you transport your cues to the pool hall via vehicle or hoof it on foot, this case is easy to take with you wherever you go. With the lime green Grunge Art skull designs looking left and right on your case, you know they are keeping eyes on you and your stuff.


    Eight Ball Mafia Cue Cases
    Colors: Black, Lime Green and White
    Shape: Butterfly
    Material: Vinyl
    Zipper or Snap: Zipper
    Top Pocket:  32″ (one pocket only)
    Bottom Pocket:
    Base: N/A
    Length: 34″ Long,  Fits up to 32″ Shaft
    Structure: Butterfly opening with small compartments and jump butt handle storage
    Shaft Insert: Shaft inserts either direction
    Butt Insert: Butt Inserts either direction
    Strap: Side handle and should strap
    Weight: 4 lbs
    Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer