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Guns N Roses Data East Platinum Edition


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Start With A very Very Clean Guns And Roses (The best version of this game made) Then we added platinum features!

This is the nicest Guns n Roses we have had in 17 years in the business~!


Full Color Display!

Light Up Color Changing Speakers

Custom play Cards

Slash Figure On Playfield

Pin Sound Upgraded Sound System that plays over double the songs of an original Guns And roses and you can add more of your favorites easily!

Working Mini Tv on the playfield that plays actual concert footage while your playing!

Superband unbreakable flipper rubbers

Light up flipper buttons

Full custom High End Lighting LEDS replaces all the lights with color matched perfection

Back Glass Authentically Signed By IZZY Himself in permanent marker!

You want the nicest Guns N roses on earth with over 3k in upgrades for a fraction of the price? Congratulations you found it!

Put simply an amazing machine at an amazing price.