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Garlando Outdoor Olympic Football Table (Glass top, Coin-op) (Discontinued)


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The Garlando Olympic Outdoor with top glass is entirely manufactured with waterproof materials and components: marine plywood cabinet, water-resistant glues and metal details in stainless steel with anti-rust treatment.

It has a coin-operated, pay-to-play mechanism for pubs and clubs. The coin-box is accessible only by opening up the whole table which is locked with a key. The coin-box can be secured with a padlock for additional security. Alternatively, the table can also be set to free-play.

Upon starting the game, all the balls fall into the dispenser at the bottom. Players then move each ball up the channel to the entry hole at the top. Therefore at no point do customers have access to the table or the balls. The default number of balls for a game is ten but this can be modified to suit requirements.

The Garlando Outdoor Olympic tables is suitable for beaches, schools and open playgrounds, camping sites and other public places. The glass coverage sealing the playing field prevents any kind of tampering with the game, making it impossible to play for free or to unduly prolong the game. This table therefore guarantees the maximum profitability for the operators. Other benefits of a glass top are:

  • prevents tampering with the game, blocking the goals etc.
  • prevents loss/theft of footballs
  • reduces playing noise
  • keeps playing area clean
  • prevents drinks being spilt into and other items being dropped into the table

With a very smart coating in iridescent shades of blue, alternating light and dark, the Garlando Outdoor Olympic Football Table looks modern and stylish. The sleek legs in wrought iron allow the highest stability on any terrain.

The toughened glass will withstand quite rough use but should something really hard hit it, it shatters like a car windscreen and so should not cause injury. For schools and clubs, it safeguards the table and balls, for pubs it additionally safeguards your income!

Easy maintenance: all surfaces on this Garlando Olympic silver Outdoor Football Table are coated in washable materials to enable easy cleaning.

A Garlando waterproof cover is included.