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The Blackout Poker Table


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Round poker tables have a lot going for them. With round poker tables, everyone is closer to the action and the table fits in less total space. Just watch any old cowboy movie. Saloon keepers knew you could get more players in less space with a round table. The Nighthawk is one of BBO’s two premium round poker tables.

With comfortable seating for up to eight players, the Blackout features a scratch-resistant black or mahogany finish, built-in chip racks for each player, and super comfortable continuous armrests.

The Blackout isn’t just a gorgeous full-function poker table. The optional dining top makes this table twice as useful for those rare occasions when you’re not playing poker.

As with all of our tables, the Blackout is available in the classic configuration, but is also customizable via upgrades.

Looking for something a little flashier for not much more? Consider The Gulf LED poker table. Need to fit your round poker table in an even smaller space? Consider The Luma

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