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Outlaw OLH11 1×1 Hard Cue Case (Olh11 Guns)


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  • Description

    Your cues are like your guns when you are on the tables so why not protect them in a nice hard case from Outlaw! This 1 butt 1 shaft hard case has a stitched dual six shooter design on the pocket which moves freely up and down the exterior of the case for personal placement. The light tan brown color of this case reminds us of the dusty times of the Old West where Outlaws certainly keep their own shooters well protected.


    Outlaw Pool Cue Cases
    Shape: Oval
    Material: Vinyl
    Pocket: 5″ Long X 3″ Wide
    Base: 3″ Wide, Black Plastic Feet
    Length: 33.5″ Long, Fits up to 30″ Shaft
    Structure: Poured Rubber Mold Casting
    Direction: Shaft inserts Tip Down or Tip Up
    Butt: Butt inserts Pin Down or Pin up
    Weight: 1.25 LBS
    Warranty: 1 Year Manufacture
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