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Break Shot Pinball Machine


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One of the best pool themed machines mad and one of the rarest as well! Only 1000 were ever made! Absolutely impossible find in this condition , minor nicks on cabinet but playfield looks absolutely amazing and still shines like brand new! Doubtful this one was ever operated and appears to be a home use machine and is the nicest breakout we have seen in 20 years in the business! Fully upgraded with the highest end LED lighting makes this one look amazing! The artwork on this one just screams 1980’s and is politically incorrect as it gets now days. Look at the back-glass and the play-field art. I love it! Time capsule right here.



Breakshot is a Solid State table manufactured by Capcom Coin-Op, Inc. in May of 1996, with 1,000 production units created. The table uses a billiards/pool theme with an EM inspired layout. The main toy is a single centrally located set of three saucer targets with a pop-up post used as a dynamic newton target.