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Guns N Roses HUO Mint Condition


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One of a kind Data East Guns N Roses In Like New Condition! Look at pics not a mark on this one and looks like it slid out of the box brand new Yesterday. This belong to a collector who rarely played it and it shows , never seen the inside of a smoky bar or arcade  – Home Used Lightly Only!  This is hands down the cleanest Guns n Roses we have had in 20 years in the business – Fine tuned by our techs and Upgraded with LED Lighting to make it really pop- Play fast and furious with no errors or issues. If your looking for the best here you go! Passed our 45 point inspection process with an A+ and we triple waxed it so its ready for your home game-room! Hands down the best Guns N Roses Pinball made.


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