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Baylor 9′ Or 12 Ft Shuffleboard – Modern Series


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Introducing the Baylor Shuffleboard, the latest addition to our esteemed collection of top sellers. Whether adorning a contemporary or classic setting, this table promises to steal the spotlight. Boasting sleek lines and post-style legs elegantly positioned at the outer corners, the Baylor exemplifies timeless sophistication. Crafted to Legacy’s exacting standards, it guarantees boundless entertainment for your family for years to come.

At the heart of the Baylor lies a premium North American poplar wood playfield, unrivaled in its class. Measuring 20″ wide x 2.5″ thick, adorned with 3 scoring zones, this playfield ensures unparalleled gaming experience. Sealed with a 1/4″ poured polymer resin, it attains near-indestructibility while facilitating lightning-fast gameplay. The Baylor’s innovative glide-out Perfect Drawer seamlessly stores all shuffleboard accessories beneath the table, ensuring convenience at your fingertips. Equipped with everything needed to start playing immediately, this table epitomizes convenience.

Available in our signature 4 modern finishes and also in our exclusive 3 rustic finishes, the Baylor offers a myriad of aesthetic options to suit any preference. And don’t overlook the necessity of adding a cover to safeguard your investment, ensuring its pristine condition for years to come.


Climate Adjusters: Legacy Shuffleboards are equipped with climate adjusters to ensure precise leveling for an accurate and fair game, regardless of environmental conditions.

Storage: Each Legacy shuffleboard features the innovative Perfect Drawer, discreetly mounted beneath the table, providing convenient storage for all shuffleboard accessories.

Accessories: Every Legacy shuffleboard comes complete with all necessary accessories for gameplay, including four black pucks, four red pucks, stainless steel abacus scorers, a table brush, and wax.

Pucks: Sized at 2 – 5/16″ in diameter and weighing 13.1 oz each, the pucks are designed for optimal performance and durability.


  • Assembled Dimensions: 153″ x 36″ x 33″ @ 480 lbs
  • Playfield Dimensions: 132″ x 20″ x 2.5″, sealed with 1/4″ polymer for enhanced durability and smooth gameplay.

Finish Options:

  • Available in multiple finishes to suit individual preferences and décor styles.