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Bantam Outdoor Bumper Pool (Discontinued)


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The Bantam Bumper Pool Table is designed to appeal to both adults and kids that enjoy playing pool, but do not have enough space for a standard pool table.

There are millions involved in organized hockey, soccer and lacrosse across the country and the world. All of these sports have one thing in common: there are two netted goals, one on each end of a play field. Bantam’s two pocket design is the same format, so everyone involved in any of the above sports are in familiar territory the moment they see this table.

Adult players find the Bantam very enjoyable because the lack of corner pockets opens up a whole new world of play. Multi-rail bank shots are easy and fun to make. This play opens up a whole different world to even skilled players. It brings them into the older world of “pure billiards”, which many of today’s players have never experienced. They can also now play pool on a quality table in a space in their home, on their balcony, lanai, or outside that was previously too small for a traditional pool table.

The playability and overall quality of this table is tournament quality as it’s components are the same as all of our other amazing outdoor pool tables. It has a real slate bed, Accufast cushions, marine grade aluminum and real Sunbrella!

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