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QWKT Quick Clean Towel

$13.95 $11.95

Wipe away dirt and chalk from your table with ease! For use with Quick Clean Table Cleaner. When you spray Quick Clean on your table, it creates a positive charge on the table. Since the microfiber in the towel has a negative charge, dirt and chalk is lifted right off in one swipe.

This microfiber cleaning towel is not only handy for cleaning chalk dust from your table, it can also be used to: polish and clean billiard balls; polish your cue butt; dry sweaty hands and shafts; clean and polish glass without streaking; dry dishes in a single swipe; shammy your car dry after washing; dry your hair before blowdrying; and dust the house. Just drop the towel in the was when you’re done, and viola! It’s ready for use again. Lasts 400+ washings (do not use bleach or fabric softeners)

Best if used with Quick Clean Table Cleaner

Available as a single towel.


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