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Diner Pinball

$4,295.00 $3,995.00


Product Description

Diner is a great family-friendly pinball machine. The theme is based on a vintage diner. The object is to serve all 5 customers. Serving all 5 customers (Haji, Babs, Boris, Pepe, and Buck) lights “Dine Time”, which is a Jackpot. It starts at 1 Million points, and it can be advanced up to 12 Million Points.

The playfield includes 2 yellow flippers, a plunger, and 2 signature cross ramps, which is common in early 1990’s pinball machines. Both Ramps can be used to obtain many points, as well as unlock extra balls.

A player can easily obtain a multi-ball. By doing this, they must unlock the Lock Mode on the cash register ramp, and shoot a target to unlock a second ball.


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