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X-Men Magneto Limited Edition Pinball Mint With Topper! (Sold)


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Only 250 and this is #93! Of the 250 made there is believed to be less than 100 remaining in the USA. A real Beauty with upgraded lighting effects , powder coated side rails and includes the topper ($400 value alone) Plus a Color DMD for full color display added as well (Another$450 value) This one is priced fantastic and looks brand new with not a mark on it!  A  true steal at this price and a must for ANY X-Men Fan , dont miss it!

From the pages of Marvels smash hit comic books come the new X Men Magneto Limited Edition pinball from Stern. Shipping in early August this awesome pinball is limited to only 250 units.
Pinball guru John Borg has created a masterpiece with his newest machine. There are so many awesome features of this game you just have to watch the video to the right of the screen to learn all about it!
Here are some of the features that are packed into this game!
Unique Powder Coated Colored Side Armor, Legs, and Trim
Unique Metal Lower Arch with Illuminated Windows
Unique Lower Arch Window Colors
Unique Mirrored Backglass
High Definition Color Cabinet Decals
ICE SLIDE Motorized Ramp Transports Ball From Right to Left Side
2 Pop-Up NIGHT CRAWLERS Assemblies
Spinning Disc with Toggling Blue and Yellow Flash Lamps
Magnet Located in Spinning Disc Randomly Accelerates Ball
LEDs To Replace All Incandescent Bulbs
Separate Red, Blue, and White GI LEDs Change Playfield Color
3 Dome Flash Lamp Assemblies
Traditional Playfield Slides
Traditional Lockdown Bar Assembly
Certificate Of Authenticity
Designer Autographed Playfield Under Hard Coat
Numbered Plaque
Custom-Molded WOLVERINE Bash Toy
Wolverine Playfield Magnet Activated by BASH TOY and Game Rules

Orbit Shot MAGNETO Ball Diverter into the back of the ball lock
MAGNETO Dual Up Post Ball Lock Assembly
Custom Molded MAGNETO Figurine
Power Scoop Ball Ejector
3rd Flipper upper right
Vertical Up Kicker Diverts Ball Onto Left Ramp
2 Molded Super Speed Ramps
2 HELLFIRE Targets on left
2 BROTHERHOOD Targets on right
2 Light Lock Targets

1 CYCLOPS Spinning Target
3 Super Bright LED Pop Bumpers
2 High Powered Slingshots
Traditional Country Specific Coin Door
Game Specific QR Codes
Decal and Leg Protectors
Official Game Speech Provided By Marvel
High Definition Color Cabinet Decals
MAGNETO Playfield Magnet In Front Of Magneto
4 Dome Flash Lamp Assemblies