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Action Eight Ball Mafia EBMCNA 3×5 Hard Cue Case


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  • The best protection money can buy… Eight Ball Mafia 3×5 Skull Case! This case is super BAD! Not the “not good” bad but the BAD that means it’s awesome. This case holds 3 butts in the front section, which is spring-loaded, and 5 shafts in the back giving you plenty of room for all of your cues.

    Tribal 3D printing designs and a Chromed Skull ornament will freak out everyone in the pool room so they know that you are not messing around. Billiards 4 Life… Eight Ball Mafia!


    Eight Ball Mafia Cue Cases
    Colors: Black
    Shape: Oval
    Material: Vinyl
    Pockets: 2, Top pocket is 5″ Long X 4″ Wide. Bottom Pocket is 16″ Long X 4″ Wide
    Base: 6.5″ Wide, 2 Black plastic feet
    Length: Case is 34″  Fits up to 31″ Shaft
    Structure: Poured Rubber Mold Casing
    Lining: Felt
    Direction: Shaft inserts either direction
    Butt: Spring-Loaded Butt inserts either direction
    Weight 4.40 LBS
    Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer
    Other: Chromed Skull Measures Approximately 3″ Tall by 2.5″ Wide
    Jump Pocket: 16″ Long