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Gilligan’s Island Pinball (Sold)


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Very Nice Machine Great condition play field with added that has been trip[le waxed and all LED lighting added that looks amazing. Cabinet has the typical fading but play field looks fantastic and our professional techs have this one running perfectly!   We dont see this one too often anymore and when we do it doesnt last. Our techs took there time and tested and adjusted this one to perfection and also added the highest end LED Lighting , Waxed it and added super bands that never need replacing ever. Thats right we did all the work for you LED lights mean no burnt out light bulbs and poly urethane rings instead of rubber means no broken bands! Just plug in , play and enjoy hassle free!   Gilligan’s Island pinball machine was manufactured by Midway (produced under the Bally name) and was released in May 1991. It is based on the television series of the same name and the first Williams WPC machine that was released with a high resolution (128×32) dot matrix display A True gem that will appreciate in value year after year!

Game Features:

Multiball, Lane Change, Kick Back Lane, Ramp(s), Cellar Holes, Voices and music from the original TV show!