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Ghostbuster Platinum Machine


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Start with a mint condition low play home used ghostbusters premium with zero sign of wear

We took this premium and turned it platinum and made it the nicest Ghostbusters premium in the world hands down!

OVER $2500 in upgrades for a fraction of the cost can be yours

Read Below for platinum features :

New Playfield Glass

Custom Ecto 1 and Stay Puft Toppers

Custom playcards

Laser Etched custom Side Armor

Slimer Green LED Under Cabinet Glow

Inner cabinet Art

Highest End LED Lighting

Full Color Display to replace the Monochrome boring original

Slime Upgrades On playfield parts that glows

Custom Stay Puft Shooter Knob

All in all this will be the showpiece of any collection no matter what you have!

Dont miss it as these are getting impossible to find even stock.