April 2023 Sale Graphic - Blowout Sale

Kamui Chalk Version 1.21 1 Piece


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  • Available In Sky Blue only
  • You demanded it, so we’re carrying it. Kamui, the folks who made one of the top-selling pool cue tips in the billiards industry have produced a new line of chalk that is unlike any other. It goes on evenly and it stays on your tip for way longer than any other chalk we’ve seen. We’re talking about going through 2 or 3 racks without having to rechalk your tip.

    And yes, the price is for one single piece of chalk. We sell it at the lowest price we’re allowed to, so please don’t give us too much grief about the price. We’re also carrying the Kamui .98 Chalk, so if you want that blend, just head over to the .98 page

    Please note that to the best of our knowledge no dragons were harmed in the manufacturing of this chalk.