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Cuetec Cynergy CT146 Ghost Break Cue


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The Break shot is the most important shot in the game of pool. It can either be an extreme asset or a severe detriment and for this critical shot, the proper equipment can make a huge difference! Remove that liability from your case and add in a Cuetec Breach Ghost Break cue with Cynergy technology. The Breach comes with the specially engineered larger diameter (12.75mm) Cynergy Carbon Fiber composite break shaft featuring a stiffer filament orientation and topped off with the Taom 2.0 Break Jump tip on a short phenolic ferrule.

This is a wrap-less break cue with a sleek slate-grey forearm and black Cuetec Breach logo and handle. The CT146 Breach Ghost is weight changeable so you can test what weight works best for your stroke. Pro tip: The stackable weight bolts are sold separately but you can order 21oz and remove them one ounce at a time! Comes in a classy box (smells like fresh new shoes… how cool is that!) with extras including a patch and cleaning wipes.

Tip : 12.75mm Taom 2.0 Break/Jump
Ferrule : Phenolic
Shaft : 29″ Cynergy carbon fiber composite break shaft.  Power-Pro taper
Pin : 3/8×14 Cuestec Joint
Collar : Stainless Steel
Forearm : Smoked grey with black Breach logo with high-gloss finish
Wrap : none
Butt Sleeve : Black high-gloss finish
Butt Plate : Stainless steel  
Bumper : Cuetec bumper with extension hole – BUMPCTE

Warranty : Limited Manufacturer