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Addams Family Pinball High End Restoration! (Sold)


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The number 1 rated pinball of all times!!! The Addams Family is a blast to play for beginners to professionals. This is why it is rated as one of the best of all time.

We gave this one to our techs and told them to make it as brand new as possible and the nicest in the world. We think they achieved that!

Over $6000 In Parts and Labor in this one alone can be yours for a fraction of the new costs!

Brand New CPR Play-Field installed! This playfield is so shiny it looks wet! And best of all it was installed by professionals not hobbyists! Plays like a dream!

Brand New Mirrored backglass- The original was a flimsy film behind glass- Not this one ! Real Mirrored back glasses like you get only on the new Limited edition pinball machines now days!

Upgraded speakers

Bear Mod on the ramp

Cousin It Mod

Highest End LED Lighting

Custom Black Cloud Topper

Custom Thing Hand Shooter

All original Unmolested Cabinet art in great shape

Full Color Display Added – No Boring stock Orange, Everything is in color!

New Legs

New Feet

New Playfield Glass

Book case decals

Cliffy hole protectors to prevent chipping

Upgraded NV-Ram battery eliminator so no batteries to go bad or change ever!

Custom Play cards

We were so excited about this one that pictures were taken as soon as it was finished – No need to put this on the show-room floor as it will be gone fast. Dont miss it as you will never see another like it.

Look at the pictures and judge for yourself