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Action BBSCC Snooker Ball Carrying Case (Duplicate Item)


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If you are tired of lugging around your snooker balls in cases that hit the balls together or are a complete pain to drag around; no worries! This snooker carrying case will hold all 22 of the balls without hitting them together, and includes and extra space for any small item(s). The BBSCC is a one of a kind case and is made with only the highest quality material. “It’s a Snooker Must-Have!”

Includes a comfortable shoulder strap to help you on your longer journeys.


Misc Billiards Accessories
Holds: 22 individual balls 2.125mm Snooker Balls and extra space for other small accessories
Materials: Canvas, foam padding and nylon shoulder strap
Colors: Black
Dimensions: 14″ x 3″ outside measurements of case (foam insert is 3/8″ separation between balls and roughly 1 1/2″ depth on each hole)


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