Billiards N More Black Friday 2022 Sale

8 Cue Deluxe Floor Rack w/ Drawer


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Do you like pool? Do you have a pool table? Do you have eight or fewer cues? Do you have someplace to put them? Do you usually just lean them against the wall? Do you ever knock them over and then do that thing where you spill your drink on your shirt because you are scrambling to try and catch them?

Do you want to get your cues off the floor of your game room? Do you need a place to store your balls, chalk, and other accessories? Do you need a little drawer? Do you want to choose between four different color options? Do you have some money? Do you want to buy this floor rack? Do you want me to stop asking questions? I’m not saying you have to buy this floor rack, but it sure would be nice if you did…


Action Billiards Accessories
Holds:  8 Cues

Wood Stains:  Honey, Chocolate, Wine and Midnight