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The Juke Deluxe

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There are just some things that will always be timeless. The jukebox is one of them.We have has found a way to “knock your socks off” with our Full Size Juke® Deluxe. Based on a classic jukebox design, this ultimate entertainment companion is a treat for the eyes and ears.

Complete with color shifting LED lighting, this jukebox is sure to put the cherry on top of anyone’s sundae. While providing a good dose of nostalgia on the exterior, the interior is full of all the modern technologies we’ve come to love. This rockin’ good time comes complete with an AM/FM radio, CD player that reads MP3 and WAV files as well as streams Bluetooth from your phone or tablet, and an iPod docking station. Now, didn’t we tell you we would knock your socks off?


Bluetooth wireless streaming
CD Player
AM/FM Radio
Color Shifting LED Lighting over 1000 color combinations possible!
Stereo Speakers
Remote Control

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Keep the beauty of colorful jukeboxes without sacrificing any technological advances. This Bluetooth-enabled jukebox can connect with modern devices, tune into the radio, or even play CDs. Nostalgia and convenience mix with tradition in this beautiful bubbling hardwood cabinet finished with hand-rubbed veneers, making this entertainment center a perfect blend of the past and present. Also features color changing LED Lighting so you can set the color of your juke to any “Mood” you may be in!   Includes a pull out drawer and stand that makes the jukebox stand taller and will hold all you accessories such as the remote control and your CD’s.


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