G2 CHG2ST Model S Chalk – Single


  • Description

    Being a little cleaner than other chalks out there, the Model S pool cue chalk from G2 will not scratch the cue ball and goes on evenly on any tip. Formulated to provide players with maximum cue ball control and accuracy, you can rest assured that you can make that defensive shot or pocket that 8 ball without hesitation. No matter how many times you chalk your tip during a game, the Model S chalk will not pill up on your tip therefore your feedback is going to be the same no matter what shot you are taking. G2 provides a QR code and a serial number on every chalk pouch so you know you are getting a genuine G2 product – plus you can keep the piece of chalk in the pouch so you don’t have to worry about those nasty chalk marks or stains in your accessory pocket of your case!


    2 Day Designs
    Units: 1 piece
    Colors: Green or Blue
    Shape: Square


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