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OBRB OB Break Cue

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The OB Rift Break cue features a solid black forearm and butt with simple hashed silver rings, wrapless handle, and your choice of two technology shafts: the Speed Break Shaft (SBS) or Control Break Shaft (CBS).

  • Modified 3/8 x 10 wood-to-wood joint for a secure fit
  • Your choice of technology break shaft. The SBS with 13.25mm super hard phenolic tip and white linen melamine ferrule and the CBS with 13mm hard Samsara tip and laminated Maple ferrule
  • Straight Line Core (SLC) construction for a straighter, stronger, more stable and stiffer hit + a centralized balance system for crisp and lively feedback
  • Wrapless handle for a better slip stroke

OB Cues: Get Serious About Your Game

Since 2005, OB Cues has been working in its Plano, Texas shop with one goal in mind – to build custom quality cues and shafts at production prices. OB Cues and shafts are the result of years of research and testing and feature technologies previously only available in elite custom cues.

OB Cue Features

  • 3/8 x 10 wood-to-wood joint
  • Straight Line Core construction to ensure a custom feel with lively feedback
  • Centralized Balance system for a superb, even balance
  • Wrapless
  • Rift Break cue models come with your choice of two break shafts: the 13mm Control Break Shaft with hard Samsara leather tip or the 13.25mm Speed Break Shaft with very hard phenolic tip
  • Made in the USA

OB playing cues come with your choice of six OB+ low deflection shafts, so you can customize your cue to suit your game. All OB shafts feature solid Maple SR6+ construction, and have 13% less tip mass than a standard shaft for reduced cueball deflection.

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