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Cricket Pro 750 Electronic Dartboard


CricketPro 750 electronic dartboard from Arachnid®. This tournament quality electronic dartboard features a regulation sized 15-1/2” target area with micro-thin segment dividers and NylonTough™ segments for improved playability and fewer bounce-outs. Other features include:

Play-on and ranking feature
Single in/out, double in/out features
Solo play
Player handicap feature
Scrolling display with opening greeting, game and option menu, and dart scores
4 player score display
Up to 8 players
Four sets of tricolor LED’s are displayed simultaneously to track Cricket scores
Voice record feature calls your name when it’s your turn to throw
Selectable bullseye
Bounce-out amend feature
Sleep mode and reset
1-year warranty against defects
35 games with 175 variations, including: 301, 301 League, 501, 601, 701, 801, 901, Ace, All 5’s, Baseball, Bermuda Triangle, Big 6, Bowling, Count-Up, Cricket, Cutthroat Cricket, Double Down, Double Only Cricket, Football, Forty-One, Gold, Gotcha!, High Score, Horse, Killer, Low Ball Cricket, Nine-Dart Century, Over, Quick Cricket, Round the Clock, Scram Cricket, Shanghai, Shoot Out, Shove a Penny, Under, and Wild Card Cricket.

Includes 6 soft-tip darts, extra tips, AC adapter, mounting hardware, game instructions and operating manual.



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